Medford, Oregon

Home to 74,000 people, Medford encompasses nearly a quarter million occupants in the metropolitan area. About 27 miles north of the California border, the city boasts a decently dry and sunny climate. Skiing, mountain biking, hiking and other outdoor adventures are very popular with the residents in the valley.

A very visible and notable landmark is RoxyAnn Peak. Sitting over 3,500 feet above sea level, RoxyAnn was named after one of its first landowners, Roxy Ann Bowers. Prescott Park sprawls over the mountain, at 1,740 acres. 

One of Medford's most widespread businesses is Harry & David. Born in 1910, the company has expanded to serve the whole of the United States, shipping flowers, gift baskets, pears and more. Products are sold online, through direct mail and in retail stores found nationwide. The brand operates under the names Harry & David, Wolferman's and Cushman's.

Operating nearly 140 stores in 14 states, Lithia Motors is headquartered in Medford. Beginning in 1946, Lithia has grown into a multi-billion dollar company in 60 years. Their headquarters are located near Rogue Community College in downtown Medford.

Some of Medford Properties